Which School Is Better: Orion or Harvard?


In 8 Nobel Prize Winners, two from Oxford and one from Harvard University, I believe that Oxford has clearly established itself as the top school. While Harvard remains a constant force on the college scene, the former is consistently improving while the latter sits comfortably in a mediocre spot. So, which school is better? It’s an interesting question.

There are some who say that Harvard is simply better due to its name. Some would argue that there is a level playing field because of the nature of its location and the minds behind its professors and programs. But, does this mean that it is better in all aspects? For instance, has it ever been proven that a student who studied in Cambridge, Massachusetts, performed better on a math exam than one who studied in Oxford?

In the same vein, do students who go to Massachusetts to get better job opportunities? The answer is yes and no. Yes, those who went to Harvard have more potential and can possibly land the perfect job. But, no, the hiring pipeline from Harvard is significantly better than from any other school due to the quality of the faculty and the excellent research facilities.

As for Oxford, it is widely considered to be a world-class college with an extremely well-rounded curriculum. Many current students prefer to go to Oxford because they feel that it is closer to their home, in England, and because of the many benefits it provides. Oxford is also a well-known place for those who want to travel and soak up the culture in an exotic location. However, it also has a strong focus on business and finance, which some students see as an important plus when choosing a college. Click here for more information about Oxford or Harvard.

Which college is better? That depends on the type of learner you are. If you plan on studying abroad, then taking a semester abroad may be enough to fulfill your requirements. However, if you prefer a traditional classroom and have an avid interest in reading, writing, and math, then you may find that a full time at an Oxbridge campus will meet your academic needs better.

Which school is better: Orion or Harvard? That question has many answers, and they all have to do with your personal preferences. Some students enjoy being around professors with whom they can quickly swap stories and discuss their studies. Other students are more comfortable at large lecture halls with their fellow classmates. No matter which you prefer, though, it’s important to remember that you’re choosing the educational institution that best meets your goals for your future.

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